A chair with a smiling face.

A chair with a smiling face.

The smiling chair.png

Ma, baba and me, had gone to a super market which was located in a mall.

At the top most level of the store, there was a small furniture section, which was not enclosed. We took a stroll through it, as to reach any other section in the store we had to go through that area.We enquired about a few products.

Some of the wooden furniture did get our attention, but their prices were as high as a ball which goes for a six.

We decided to go to the floor below and have a look around there when a man started moving a few pieces of chair loudly, as they had been sold off and were being taken for packing and transportation.

Those chairs were beautiful and elegant looking and behind the stack of them was a smiling face, printed on a chair, which deserved to be checked out.

I asked ma and baba to come with me, to take a look at it.

The chair and the cushion were integrated together and the smiling face which was printed on it, seemed like it was laughing out whole heartedly holding it’s stomach, as if saying-“Oh! You all have come here to see me? Ho Ho Ho”.

The store representative came on his own and told us that the chair was two months old and was now available on forty percent discount as it was the last piece remaining.

The chair was nice and sturdy, so I asked ma and baba, if we could buy it and they both agreed.

So, happily I went to the counter and paid for the chair. I was so happy, that I might have broken into a dance then and there, but it being a supermarket, I controlled myself.

The next day they delivered the chair before twelve O’ clock in the afternoon and as soon as the delivery men went away, I took the chair to the window side, pulled the curtains aside and sat down on the smiling chair with my favourite book in my hand, with the bright light from the sun illuminating each and every word on my book.

After thirty minutes, I said-“ Ma, please come and sit on the chair.”

Ma came and sat on the chair and the chair became more happier and merrier.


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