Have You Ever Seen A Himalayan White Yak?

Have You Ever Seen A Himalayan White Yak?

I have. White Yaks are rare and rarely seen animals. White Yaks are generally known as Himalayan white yaks.
We had gone to Shimla for a small sojourn, when our guide decided to take us to a place where there was a tourist park located nearly on the top of the mountain.

A local person was standing there with a Himalayan white yak and the tourists were clicking pictures with it. We had a little walk outside the park and while walking, I kept on looking at the yak and my thought only was -“what was a yak doing over here?” On the other hand they are found in areas which are colder and they are generally based in the Himalayas, so it was not uncommon for the yak to be present there.

After five minutes or so, we went to the small café infront of the park and had tea and samosa.

The dusk was starting to appear at the horizon and the evening sun was yawning as it had to go back home, so we too decided that now we need to go back to our hotel and we all got into the car and before getting in the car, I looked for the yak there, but it was not be seen anywhere.

On the way back to Shimla, at a turn we again met the yak, as it was also going back home.

It is nature’s rule, that wherever you maybe and whatever you may do, by six in the evening you must be back home.


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