Brownie Waffles Layered with Honey, Vanilla Ice Cream and Red Cherry.

close up photography of a red cherry fruit

Brownie waffles are best had and made at home. Outside waffles are also good, but you will rarely find anything with a brownie waffle base except maybe on a few food trucks who specialize in brownie waffles. You will need a waffle maker to make brownie waffle at home and it is common knowledge.

Assuming you have already that delicious and crunchy brownie waffle base.and do make it a bit big, so that you can enjoy it.

Upon that brownie waffle base, add two layers of delicious honey. After that add four big scoops of vanilla ice cream side by side on it.

Garnish it with a red cherry placing each one of them on every vanilla ice cream scoop, making a total of four red cherries placed on four scoops of vanilla ice cream.

Bite into with gusto and have it to your heart’s fill and be happy.

Happy Eating and Adios!

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