Eating The Famous Vada Pav.

Vada pav is a fast food in Maharashtra.Especially in Mumbai and it is very famous worldwide.People from all parts of life love it and have it.For many it serves as a quick lunch.In Maharashtra, it is one of the highest selling street food.At every corner of Mumbai, you would find vada pav vendors selling vada pavs and there would be a continuous buzz around the vendor as the number of people who have come to buy vada pav, would keep on swelling and the que never get thinner.Instead, by the hours, day passes into noon and afternoon, one can see that more people are making a que to buy vada pav.In my college days, ma used to pack me sufficient tiffin.But those dehydrating and monotonous lectures would drain all the energy out of me.By the end of the first recess, my tiffin box would become empty and by the time the second recess would start, I would be very hungry. Sometimes ma would give me an additional apple to eat and despite having it, my hunger would still remain.So, most of the days or quite frequently, I would rush down to the canteen and try to buy a vada pav.Now as you all know, it is a very famous food item and nearly everybody would make a rush for it and by the time I would reach the canteen, the vada pav would get over and the guy on the other side of the counter would say-“thoda ruk jao. Garma garam vada pav tal ke deta hun.” This line was in Hindi.It translates-“Wait for just a bit, I would give you freshly fried vada pav.” “Vada” is the round ball filled with mashed potato and layered with gram flour which is fried and “pav” is the bread with which it is had.Sometimes they would give a particular masala to have with it or sometimes they would give mirchi/green chilli to have with it or they would apply green coriander chutney inside the bread and that would serve as a soothing agent to the hot vada.

My second recess used to be of ten minutes and in that nearly eight minutes would go waiting at the canteen counter. When they would finally give me the vada pav, it would be extremely hot as it had just been taken out of the oil and served. I would wait for two more minutes before I could have it and thankfully my teachers would not reach the class on time after the recess would get over and I would be able to finish my vada pav safely.

Those days were amazing.Nearly everyday I would tell ma-“Ma today I had vada pav.”

One day,ma surprised me by making vada pav for me. I was so happy. We enjoyed with hot tea and our evening became marvellous.

Many a times, ma,baba and me we have had vada pav and it is a simple, handy and extremely lovable food to have, It is food for the common man.

Happy Eating.






Image courtesy of Deepeshmd – http://www.tasteandflavours.in, CC BY 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=8096646

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