Phew! What a Pineapple Pie!

During our last sojourn to the nearby city mall, we i.e. ma and me had two pineapple pies each.It was funny and we had it for lunch and dinner.

What had happened, was that we were very hungry.It was afternoon and all restaurants were shut. Out of all the food shops open, we found a shop open which was selling pies.

I told ma to sit down at the table and went to order for some pies.That shop was selling almost ten types of pies and whatnot.I selected four pineapple pies and paid the man and also bought two lime soda drinks for us.

While placing the order he said to me-“sir, you have ordered for four large pineapple pies.”


He told me -“sir, it would take ten minutes for the first-two pies to get ready.They are being baked.”

I-“What about the other two?”

The shopowner-“They will take another twenty minutes”.

I-“Don’t you have anything readymade?”

Him-“No sir,you have selected four large pies and those pies take time to bake.”

Me-“How much big will those pies be”?

In reply to my question, he got up and went inside the kitchen.

Five minutes had gone by and still he had not returned. There was another guy on the counter.I asked him -“can you please tell me, that how big is a large pineapple pie?”

He replied-“Sir, wait for two minutes.My colleague will be bringing them in two minutes.”

In between ma asked me that what was going on. I told her that the pies are getting baked and they would be take nearly five more minutes to get ready.

When I returned to the counter, the man who had taken my order had still not come back and it seemed that his colleague had also gone into the kitchen at the back.

Two minutes passed by, still nobody came.Once or twice they would glance outside through the kitchen glass. I thought that it was better to sit at the table than keep on standing there like a fool.

I was nearly halfway to the table, when that guy called out-“Sir!”.

I looked back and saw them holding two plates of simmering hot freshly creamed pineapple pie with a cherry on top of it.

While the pie was extremely delicious looking, it was on the other hand quite big and large, nearly the size of a medium pizza and thrice as stuffed.

I took the plates one in each hand and went to our table on seeing the pies, ma asked-“how many have you ordered for?”

I replied-“Four”.

Ma-“Immediately go and cancel the rest of the two”.


I went to the counter and told them to cancel the pie.

the person at the counter-“Sir the order cannot be cancelled.”

I-“Then parcel it.”

He-“Sir we do not parcel or pack pineapple pies.”

Luckily that day ma had brought two tiffin boxes for buying eggs.Eggs in their lose packing often get broken while being taken home,so ma had brought the boxes.

Even before they could serve us with the rest two other pies, we were struggling to finish up the ones which we were eating.

After stuffily filling ourselves up,ma packed those pies into the tiffin boxes and we went home without buying eggs.

Never ever in my life had I such pineapple pies, but those beautiful pies were really beautiful and nice to eat.Those lime sodas which we had ordered for, helped us eat and digest the pie.Without the soda we couldn’t have gone through even half of the pie.

Happy eating.


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