A House Of Breadsticks.

A very big God,

A saint of famous lore,

Has made us a home of breadsticks.

Sweet breadsticks have been used.

The breadsticks have funny faces on them.

A breadstick has a bright sun drawn on it.

Another one has a house inked on it.

Lord himself made the house of breadsticks,

And has kept it in his house.

For there we live with him for ever and ever.



Grass Valley.

A Grass valley,

With lush greeneries,

Come frequently in my dreams.

The cows,

The sheep,

The goats,

All eat their share there,

And roam around.

The sun glistens brightly upon the morning dew.

And the whole valley lights up.

One day we will surely visit the valley,

With my friends in tow,

There we shall have a lot of fun,

And whoever wins,

Will have to give a big feast and treat to all.


A DIstant Light.

A Distant Light.

A distant light is glowing.

Far away in the mountains.

I wonder what it is.

For it could be anything.

It could be a light from a house,

Or a lantern hanging from a tree,

Though the chances are rare,

It may be the fairies,

Taking a nap.

Whatever it is,

Or may it be.

I am staring at it,

For I can see God smiling,

Far beyond the trees.



Every Moment Of It.

Every Moment I need you.

Every moment I think of you.

Every moment I see you.

Every moment I bless you.

Every moment I play with you.

Every moment I dance for you.

Every moment I pray for you.

Every moment is a journey,

Which I take for you.

As you hadn’t been,

So wouldn’t have I.

So all the moments that I have,

Are only for you and you.



I Can’t Believe.

I can’t believe,

That you have done this.

I can’t believe,

That you went like this.

I can’t believe,

That under sun’s rays,

You went astray.

I can’t believe that despite loving you,

You went beyond it,

And fell in the ditch called,

Economy and went straight for a ride to Hell.

I can’t believe,

That hell rejected saying,

We have too many economists,

Let you be gone to the place darker than hell.

I can’t believe this.