Oh Wonder Oh Wonder! It’s Summer.


Oh wonder oh wonder,

It’s summer.

The temperature is boiling hot.

Nearly about forty degrees Celsius.

I am not the weather man.

But had there been a person,

Some cold lemon juice,

It would have cooled my senses,

And given a huge relief.

Now the only funnier side of,

It being summer is that,

Most of us remain indoor,

As much as possible,

Yet people tend to go on vacations,

And spend much of their time outdoors.

Maybe they are sunproof.



Lovely Time Of That Summer.

That summer went by happily.

We were happy,

We were dancing,

We were singing,

On each and every morning we had light breakfast,

Every lunch was a superb brunch,

Every dinner was a delight,

Every day was a delight.

Every second was a breath in paradise.

The lovely time of that summer will be ours to feel, revisit and live on with us forever and forever.   



In this summer – don’t forget to water your plants.

Most of us have plants in our homes. The indoor plants are a rage nowadays, specifically the good luck bamboo plants. The indoor plants such as the bamboo plants are needed to be watered every three to four days. As we all know, one has to be very careful with them during this hot and humid summer season. These plants need to be watered regularly. If you live in a place with the temperature rising above thirty degree Celsius, you will see that the plant has sucked all of the water in a day and it’s stems are dry and in need of water. These plants are sensitive to their needs and to keep them healthy, regular maintenance is needed. Same with the outdoor plants. They too need regular care. If you have a garden, whether big or small, appoint a gardener to care for your plants or you will soon find them withered and dying in this ruthless summer.