An Evening With A Beautiful Apple Pie.

Ma had made four apple pies. They were mouthwateringly beautiful. From the moment she took it out of the oven, I couldn’t control myself.

I kept on pleading with Ma.

Ma when shall we be having those pies?

Ma replied-“In thirty minutes.”

I- “Ma, can’t I have them now?”

Ma-“Let them cool a bit.”

I felt a bit let down and grumpily sat down on the sofa.

Then like a magician, Ma brought a big apple pie on a plate and placed it on the table.

“Ma is it for me?” I asked Ma. Ma replied-“Yes”.

You couldn’t have guessed my happiness as I had that apple pie.

That evening I didn’t do anything. Simply kept on thinking about apple pie.

That apple pie was everything to me and still is. It was scintillatingly beautiful.Ma has again promised to make some more apple pies very soon.


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