Beautiful Love.

Love is beautiful isn’t it? Those who are truly hypocrites get it with blessings, but those who strive hard to get it, are simply the best and get very little except from their parents. For beautiful love (worldy love) isn’t for them. It is for those who are hidden in fortresses.

Such fortresses are not worthwhile for those are broken by their own ones while harming others.



Reading Good Things.

Reading good things is always an excellent option, to excel in life.

To be excellent you must and should be full of good things to be true

So, always read good things and excel.

It is a good habit to read all good things. Very few people have that ability, but very few excel in life. So, don’t be idle be the best and do your utmost and the best.



Bad People Are Always Bad.

banknotes on white surface
Photo by Dom J on Pexels.com

Bad people are always bad. They harm, they make you detrimental, they make you think bad.

They are always.

Beaware of such bad people for they can always harm you.

But on the other and, if you become good, you can excel in life, do good things and be the happiest person in the world. It is an privilege to be excellent rather than being someone who is his harmed.



When Money Is Needed.

money pink coins pig
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When money is needed, try very hard to earn it. You need to excel to be able to earn money. Without earning money you can’t succeed in life, so earning money is very important and that too in an right manner and not in a wrong manner.

Money being needed is a truly a sad state but do try your best to save up something for the future.



A Bored Lady.

ham burger with vegetables

A bored lady was eating a burgernlooking grumpy and sad.

What thoughts plagued her, I don’ t know.

So to keep herself entertained she had three more burgers.

Being bored is such a big attribute where peace is hampered but even mental caln gets destroyed.