The Great Blue Sky.

The great blue sky,

Is where the stars reside.

The birds fly,

The winds blow,

The larks sing,

The clouds float,

Aeroplanes fly,

Rockets soar,

All under the great blue sky.

A boy dances,

A mother sings for her child.

A teacher teaches,

Many great students,

And thus students complete their education.

Nobility, which is many people’s bread and butter,

Is often a farce.

Nobility doesn’t come out of a family with a big and famous names,

Nor does it come out of anybody’s mind.

A person who is a king,

Not in money,

But in his heart,

Is a true nobleman.

Nobility stems from that quality.

And all this happens under the great blue sky.

Live like a king,

Be free,

Be happy,

Be ever strong and as firm,

As the great blue sky.



His Time.

His Time,

We waited upon.

His time,

We spend our days laughing,

When he came to teach us maths,

We laughed.

When he came to teach us physics,

We sang,

When he said –“Time’s up.”,

We ran amok.

His time,

Was the golden time for us,

As he was our best teacher,

Whom we all loved very dear.



The Nose Ring.

A woman had lost her nose ring. It was her grandmother’s. She searched it everywhere, but couldn’t find it anywhere. In her office, at her home and at each and every place which she could think of.

At last she told her mother that she had lost the ring. Her mother replied-“I know.”

Woman-“How could you know Ma?”

Her mother-“For the past two days, you aren’t wearing your nose ring and you never let them out of your sight.”

Woman-“Ma, please help me find them.”

Her mother-“No need.”

Woman-“What do you mean no need?”

Her mother-“It is right in front of my eye.”

Woman was bewildered. She looked here and there, but couldn’t find it.

Woman-“Ma where is it? Please tell me.”

Her mother simply held aloft the gold chain which her daughter was wearing. Her daughter looked at it. There behind the pendant was the nose ring dangling like a pendulum.

Woman-“Ma you are God, I searched everywhere but I couldn’t find it.”

Her mother-“That’s why I am your mother.

The daughter hugged her mother and went to her office happily but this time the nose ring was placed firmly on her nose.