The Great Blue Sky.

The great blue sky,

Is where the stars reside.

The birds fly,

The winds blow,

The larks sing,

The clouds float,

Aeroplanes fly,

Rockets soar,

All under the great blue sky.

A boy dances,

A mother sings for her child.

A teacher teaches,

Many great students,

And thus students complete their education.

Nobility, which is many people’s bread and butter,

Is often a farce.

Nobility doesn’t come out of a family with a big and famous names,

Nor does it come out of anybody’s mind.

A person who is a king,

Not in money,

But in his heart,

Is a true nobleman.

Nobility stems from that quality.

And all this happens under the great blue sky.

Live like a king,

Be free,

Be happy,

Be ever strong and as firm,

As the great blue sky.


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