Whiff Of A Perfume Ehm…Errr Of A Sanitizer.

I passed a place,

Where many people go on a daily basis,

There was a whiff,

A strong one,

Of a perfume.

In these days,

Where people are having to wear a mask,

Who would load themselves with such a heavy perfume?

I came back home,

And sanitized my hands,

The smell of the sanitizer was same with that of the whiff of the perfume which had got.

Then I realized that whoever had sprinkled himself/ herself with perfume,

Might have sprayed or applied himself or herself with a sanitizer,

And not with a perfume.

With every passing day,

Sanitizers are evolving,

Soon they might be available in diamond flasks,

Which only people with tough dough would be able to buy.

And those sanitizers would be kept safe in bank lockers.

People are having a hard time managing their families.

And there are some people,

Having a bath with sanitizer.

That horrible smell makes one feel that not one but two or three masks should be worn for protection from that truly mind blowing smell.


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