A Big Mango Tree With A Hollow.

A big mango tree with a hollow,

Home to many birds 🐦,

Of various kind,

Used to to attract parrots of different colours during the summer time.

They would eat mangoes,

And leave them half eaten.

Those parrots were more choosier than us humans.

Those were sights to behold,

As rain comes in from June,

Those parrots would fly away to their ancestral, parental and other homes,

Leaving the tree wondering,

Where have the parrots gone?

But most of the birds which are common in sight,

Would still be hanging around the tree.

Ah! That’s nature.

Those choosy and moody parrots,

Need freshly ripened mangoes to hang around a tree.

And that’s a parrot’s nature.

Mangoes in The Office.


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