The Generous Goblin.

There was once a gobbling, who used to live alone with his dog.

His parents were in other country and his brothers and sisters were all married and lived their own life except him.

The goblin was named Pisto.

He had a job at a mine, where he was the incharge of ten sections.His salary was enough for him.

His dog was named Elite, and it ate four bones a day and ate a packet of biscuits, drank two bowls of milk.

Pisto took three months break and went for a world tour. First, he went to his mother and father’s place and stayed there for a month.

Then his real vacation started.

He went to other parts of the goblin world, and after spending a month visiting all the famous places, he went to visit his old friend, who was now ill and was barely managing his ends.

Pisto was very surprised to see his friend ill. Pisto immediately called for the Doctor Fairy, and got his friend treated at the fairy hospital. The treatment was for free, but Pisto did a pit stop on earth and paid for ten children’s healthcare bills, who were genuinely in need of help.

He was later commended by the Goblin king and was given the title of being a “Generous Goblin”.

The function was attended by his mother and father, brothers, sisters and their family and by other relatives who never even bothered to show their faces.

Pisto remained unaffected by it and continued his daily life as the incharge of the ten sections in a mine.


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