Royal Old Stone.

Royal Red Stone.

There was a royal old stone,

Which was full of magic.

It belonged to the tall wizard,

Who would often rub his nose with it,

For after doing so,

Whenever he sneezed,

Gold would come out of his nose with his sneeze.

The gold was of pure quality.

But the wizard couldn’t sell a bit of it,

For the stone belonged to God,

And the wizard had to learn the lesson hard.

Soon, he had to return to Lord himself,

And when he met the One and Only One,

His head hung in shame,

And the Lord smiled,

And asked him to go back to his own abode.

The wizard was so greatly shocked that he couldn’t do any magic for ten years,

And when he started again,

It was only to entertain little children.

Hope like him,

Everyone learns the lesson. Adios!

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