A Beautiful And Fluffy Apple Pie.

A beautiful and fluffy apple-pie,

Awaited me at the breakfast.

If I had seen my face at that time.

It was left hanging open.

I was simply stunned.

“Ma! Apple pie for breakfast! Hip-hip-hooray”.

Ma smiled.

I went and hugged Ma.

Spoon by spoon I ate the pie,

Like a small bird,

Who upon getting paradise,

Jumps and dances in happiness,

I too was in the same happy state.

The sweet taste of the pie is still lingering in my mouth,

Ma has promised that the two pies which are still left,

Are solely mine.

In this world created by Lord,

There is nothing sweeter, better and happy than a morning,

In which your breakfast consists of an apple pie,

And Oh! The crunchy crust,

The cream in between.

It is like a treasure.

Wonder of the wonders,

Dear Lord,

Your love is infinite and truly beautiful.


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