Did You Read My Letter?

Did You Read My Letter?

Did you read my letter?

It wasn’t of something secret.

Not of love and kisses.

It was of truth and pain.

It was of highs and lows.

It was of beauty which can’t be got from make ups and mascaras.

It has to glow from within.

God’s love, is a thing which many complain about.

Either God loves me,

Or he doesn’t.

My letter is that truth,

Which enlightens myself,

Maybe you can see it,

Maybe you can’t.

But the road ain’t far off.

Read it with eyes that say,

Be properly prejudiced,

So that you are able to separate between right and wrong.

Be truthful,

Be honest.

Be kind,

And do reply back,

For letters which are not replied to,

Are meaningless,

Though being full of meaning.

Be happy.

Take care.


N.B.- There are people who don’t reply to letters, and when asked they say,-“Oh! We were busy watching our favourite show, or brushing our shiny teeth or tiles on our floor, but in truth, they keep on reading the sent letter million times, like a shrewd child, who counts his chocolates and keeps them in his fridge without sharing it with others.

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