A Day For Potatoes.

Marvin went to the market to buy four Kilograms of potatoes. He was sulking because, he couldn’t play football with his friends, early in the morning. He was the goalkeeper, so his team had without one.

He sulked so much that he didn’t take his bicycle, and went all the way to the market.

As soon as he reached there, he found that he had bought lesser money, so he rushed back home and took the requisite change and went running back to the market, but this time on his bicycle.

After reaching back home, he started doing his homework when his mother asked him to peel them as she was hands full with work.

Nearly after two hours, suddenly, a phone call came. It turned out that Marvin’s grandmother, grandfather and uncle were coming for lunch. Marvin’s mother simply sat down with the phone in her hand.

Marvin asked her his mother-“Ma what has happened? Why are you so tensed?”

Marvin’s Mother-“I am worried, because I have to cook again. Go immediately to the market and get two kilograms of tomatoes, one kilogram of brinjals and four kilograms of potatoes.”

Marvin-“Ma, again potatoes?”

Marvin’s mother-“Yes, nearly all of the potatoes of have gone into making potato stuffed pies.”

Marvin got ready and was going out, when his father came back from office. It seemed that his office was over due to it being a half day.He asked Marvin where was he going? Marvin narrated everything to him. His father nodded his head and asked Marvin to not go to the market.

What Had Happened?


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