Relishing The Moments.

Moments which have a long standing effect in our lives are rare.Even good moments seldom come. Each and every second of our life is a particular and present moment in which we need to live, relish, work hard in and be in the present.

Any cheerful moment remains with us through out our lives. The memory of winning a scholarship, of coming first in a race, of being able to crack the board exams and passing out with flying colours.

The memory of having a beautiful food, of eating an ice cream which is extremely delicious is a very treasured and precious memory.

Memories are like bubbles of thoughts. Few seconds they are there and the next moment the latest happening in and around the world hounds our minds.

Memories are way of reconnecting yourself with your past, but the need to do so isn’t a necessity but a way to recollect things how they were.

The moment when you are having long stick ice cream, is a unique moment and time imperial as to complete the whole ice cream it takes a good amount of time.If you are eating that ice cream in a mall then invariably you will find people staring at you, few may even be drooling by looking at that wonderful stick of ice cream.

These are the moments which you can relish at that time and even afterwards. These moments would remain in your pocket forever and ever.

Many foolish people run after love. Both worldly and otherwise. But what they don’t understand is love must be natural, unbounded and not superflous. But who pays heeds to these good words? If anybody says-“I love you”, a flutter is created in your heart and your mind and heart starts zumba dancing. But when that same love vanishes into thin air, you feel like a deflated bag of air.Neither able to inhale nor exhale. When such things happen in life, memories are created and they are interwoven with your daily happenings . The more you pressurize your mind about the past, the more deranged it becomes.

Each feeling is a moment incarnated in time like a sketch across the sky. Have you ever sketched?

The pencil marks across the drawing page is a permanent proof that you have attempted or made a sketch. Even if you erase it, the faint mark would remain on the page.

Memories are like sketches. The more harder you try to erase them, the more deeper they will be etched inside your memory cells.

Keep the bad memories outside the locker of mind and keep the good ones safely preserved in it.

Then you would be able to interpret your actions better and may one day relish them as they were the best possible action.

Feel happy and be happy cherishing the memories.


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