My Food And Your Nod.

I went to hell with jam and bread.

I offered everybody.

They said-“Only this?”

I said-“Feel the bliss.”

It is full of flavour,

Full of glee,

Can’t you feel?

That you love me?

If you love me,

Then you must eat.

Otherwise I will go and never retreat.

What do you want?

Roast and meat?

Make your mind for jam and bread,

By hen’s grace we will get omelette,

Be there and feel the good hearth glow.

Which only you can lit with your own instinct.

And the passion and love,

For the creation will start.

You will feel joyful and even will eat the tart.

Then come to me with your food,

As I have come today,

Which you didn’t say “good”.

That day we will share and have food.

Sing and dance in a cheerful mood.

You will be able,

To stop any crisis,

With all hands together,

Will make one fist,

Up it will go and

We will say,

“We love you God, here you come may.”


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