Zink The Parakeet.

ZInk The Parakeet.

Zink the parakeet of the legendary group of (Zink, Tink, Lion and fiery) is in secondary school, where he has already progressed much faster than the other parakeets. Seeing his brilliance and extreme progress, his school’s principal Sir Ink, has decided to send him for a special competition, which would enable him to get a huge scholarship for his future studies. But two days before the competition, Zink started crying that he wouldn’t go for the competition.

So, the principal called his parents to inform them about Zink’s peculiar behaviour. It turned out that the period between which the special competition was to be held, there was an inter school flying competition to be held. The winner would be awarded by the Parakeet King a cash prize seven thousand gold coins would be given.

Zink was a member of the Parakeet King’s task force too, and this whole matter was referred to him.

The King upon hearing the whole thing, gave the order for the inter school competition to be held after Zink came back from the special competition.

Sir Ink the Principal parakeet, protested that by doing so, all the schedules of the two schools would go haywire, but his protest was subsided by a stern look from the king.

Zink went for the special competition and won the first prize, which gave him a big boost, while in the inter school flying competition he came second, and was awarded four thousand gold coins by the King. He has now been promoted to the post Deputy-Lieutenant in the King’s Task Force.

These days he is a very happy Parakeet, and has his shiny new badge glowing upon his belt always.

His friends Tink, Fry, Fiery and Lion are proud of him.

So are his parents.


The first story can be found here:-https://travellingwiththyself.design/2019/07/02/the-bird-her-friends-and-the-parakeets/

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