In Quest.

In quest of something we all spend our days,many their whole lives. A quest is a mission, a set goal-to achieve which one needs to undertake a journey and those journeys are mostly big.

The quest to achieve a good job makes a person jump from here to there like a kangaroo but the only difference which remains is kangaroos know where they are going while humans don’t.They are like a unstrung kite which doesn’t know when it will fall.

Students are always in quest to achieve best results but such quests often mislead them to the path of ranks.

A quest generally means a search, but vast majority of human beings suffer inside their hearts as their inner core is always in quest of that particular thing which they have not found yet or reached at yet or they have found it but haven’t been able to make use of it.

A quest gives the best results when it is done for the search of truth which resides inside your self.


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