The Light.

The morning light,

Gives light to all.

The Light from the lighthouse,

Beacons all.

The Light from the beacon,

Notifies all.

The traffic light glows,

Red,yellow and green.

But they are not like a beautiful marshmallow.

The light from a firefly is,

Sober and red.

But with time it goes to bed.

The Light from a mother gives warmth and rays to her son.

The Light from God strengthens your bonds.

The Light from a torch gives light in darkness.

While the light from Sun gives the morning bliss.

The Light reflected on water,

Makes a splendid scene.

The Light from butter,

Glows like melted cream.

The Light shining on a butter croissant,

Signifies prosperity and intesifies hunger,

Like a poetry without the word linger.



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