The Creatures And The Cave.

The light which came through the cave was fresh and bright.

It seemed as if there was no power in the world which could stop it.

The caveman who lived there all alone,

Had left it ,in search of his wife.

When he came back the cave was full of water,

So he went back to civilization and began a new life there.

The water receded and the cave became normal again.

The crabs were happy in it,

So were the shell fish.

The crustaceans were most happy as they could live in peace.

The light through the cave gave birth to flora which includes green, red and yellow moss.

Then came winter,all the animals hybernated and the cave was covered with snow.

Then came spring and all the life came back to be alive as if someone has sprung them through a spring.

The light through the cave brought happiness to many but God Almighty was most happiest as his creation and children were happy.


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