The Surprise Guest.

Seeing Daniel cowering behind his sister Jasmine, the potato king burst out laughing.His laugh reverberated throughout the drawing room.

When everyone looked at the source from where the laughter was coming , they found that the potato king was stuck at their front door, yet he was laughing uncontrollably. So vigorous was his laughter that his crown had slided down to the left side of his face and this caused him to laugh more and more.

Daniel’s mother, Martina-“Excuse me sir, who are you?”

Potato king-“Who am I? Ho, ho, ho”.

He laughed even more.

Jasmine felt very embrassed seeing the Potato king at her house as the last time, Tino and she had accidentally flown to the land of potatoes and her brother had to rescue her. So she went to another room lwhere her dad was watching television.

Daniel silently whispered to his mother-“Ma, he is the King of potatoes.”

Martina instantly scolded her son-“You keep quiet.”

Hearing anger in her voice, the potato king’s laughter subsided and he spoke in a gentle voice.

“Ma’am I am the Potato King.Would you kindly allow me inside your beautiful house?”.

Martina-“Of course your majesty. I am extremely sorry for such inappropriate behaviour.It’s my son Daniel who has caused me a lot of trouble.”

Martina said a few magic words,waved her wand and the potato king was able to enter the drawing room.

Potato king-“Ah! Yes Daniel, my favourite friend. How are you? And how is Tino?”

Martina-“Sire, you know about Tino?”

The potato king -“Of course I do.Last year I had given him eight potatoes to eat and had flown on him twice when Daniel had brought back my brother Mr.Big Potato back to potato land.”

Daniel came forward and shook hands with the potato king.

The potato king-“I am sorry Daniel my friend for the trouble my brother has caused you.”

Saying so he bought out a small gift for Daniel.

It was miniature potato version of Tino.

Daniel held it in his hands and the the small potato version of Tino came alive.It flew around the room and went and sat on Martina’s shoulder and gave her two small kisses on her cheeks.All of Martina’s anger vanished away. She caressed the small Tino.The potato king told her-“Though the bird is made of potato, you won’t be able to eat it. If you try to do so, the bird would simply fly high and high”.

Just at that moment an loud announcement echoed which was-” The fairy queen is coming”

Immediately everybody turned their stance into attention and the potato king rearranged his crown, so that he could look presentable infront of the fairy queen.

The fairy queen entered and curtesied to the potato king and the potato king too bowed his head to the fairy queen.

The fairy queen to the potato king-” Your majesty, you didn’t inform us of your visit to our fairy land. Only after the potato secretary contacted us did we come to know that you were here in fairyland.”

Potato king -“To meet old and good friends where is the need to disturb your Highness’s office? Daniel is my favourite friend and when I heard from another fairy friend of mine that he might be in trouble with his parents, so I came rushing to his side as he had done a true noble deed of helping my brother. I am indebted to him forever.”

The fairy queen waved her wand and an extremely sumptuous buffet appeared before them.

The fairy queen-“Your majesty lets have lunch in Daniel’s honour”.

The potato king on seeing so many exquisite and beautiful dishes infront of him, immediately sat down to have lunch.

On seeing such behaviour from a Head of a State, the ever strict and disciplined Fairy queen smiled widely and so did Martina. The fairy queen even gave a few squeal of laughters.

Daniel hugged his mother tightly and said-“Ma I would never ever go to any place without your permission. “

Martina forgave him and gave him a big kiss.

At that moment Daniels’ s father and Jasmine who were busy watching television, came and they sat down to have lunch.

Daniel’s father and the potato king too exchanged greetings and alls well that ends well.

The potato king stayed with Daniel for three days before he went back to the land of potatoes.

The fairy queen bestowed three boons upon Daniel and he was very proud to receive them and so were his parents and sister.


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