Travelling For A Tea Party.

Joshua was in Spain a month or two back.Now he is in Germany. He tells me that travelling in Euro rail is a cool experience.

His friend Jacob has been given permanent posting at Milan, where Jacob’s wife Simoli was living.Jacob and Joshua are good friends and colleagues.When the offer to be a part of the Germany office came, Joshua was happiest as Jacob wanted to be transferred to Milan.

Soon enough all their friends and office colleagues decided to go to Paris for a small holiday ,where Simoli’s father , a big business tycoon had decided to give a big tea party.It was an honour for all to visit his house and when they did arrive they were given French refreshments and with the tea fine croissants were served too.Simoli’s father appeared between all for few minutes, said a few words appreciating his daughter and son-in-law and then disappeared into his big mansion to do some important deals with few other industrialists.

Simoli apologized for her father’s absurd behaviour and said -“Dad is crazy.I am surprised that he even made a guest appearance. “

She appeared a bit sad.Jacob cheered her up a bit.

All tried to cheer her up and they mostly suceeded.

Soon they all left her mansion and visited a place or two and at night they stayed at the big mansion.

The mansion was so huge that they saw no one in it except themselves and the caretakers.

The next day they all had fun and in the evening they left for Milan via Euro rail.

In short it was a happy journey and trip for all.


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