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Christmas Tree.

Christmas tree is a universal symbol of Lord Jesus’s birthday. It’s a tree which has only happiness, merriment, laughter, wonderful and sweet gifts, goodies, deliciously wrapped chocolate, presents, bells and decorations hanging from it. To able to put a Christmas tree is in itself a festival and one has to often struggle to get a perfect Christmas tree to put up for celebrations. Lighting up the tree in various coloured lights gives a serene and clam feeling and when the lights go on, that means Christmas has definitely arrived.



Christmas is a spirit of happiness and the Christmas tree which is the universal symbol of Christmas can’t simply be decorated enough as Jesus the most handsome and beautiful one, cannot be described in words, experiences and in imagination. HE simply is and will be.

girl in red and black dress standing in front of christmas tree inside room

N.B.- Christmas trees are coniferous trees, the ones which are available in abundance in the North Pole and in places where the cold temperature are always going the through the roof, enough to make one yearn even for a desert land.


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