Seventeen Divided By Six=?

Once I was a reading a book in a library, when a small boy aged about seven, came upto my table and asked me “what is seventeen divided by six?” I quickly did the calculation in my head and replied to him “its 2.833”. After a few minutes he comes back to me and says “you are wrong.It is 2.1″ I asked him to show his notebook to me.He showed his notebook to me and in it the sum given to him by his teacher was 17/6, whereas he had calculated the sum 17/8 and was smiling jubilantly at me for having caught a senior student at fault.I gently pointed out his mistake to him.Instead of thanking me, he stood his ground saying” seventeen divided by six equals to two.one and you don’t know division” and marched off to his seat.

i knew that kid’s elder brother and spoke to him about the whole episode.His brother replied “don’t bother correcting him, as for him mathematics is a subject which can be solved by him and him only.If you go to teach him, he would be more obstinate that his sums are only right and others are wrong.At  home he drives mum crazy about it”.

After a few days, I met him again and I told him-“that day you were right and I was wrong”. Hearing this from me, he smiled and offered me a bar of cadbury. What a generous kid! He definitely knows his mistake.But is he friendly? Was the thought that came to my mind.Sharing his bar of chocolate with me?

I- ” I cannot have this bar of chocolate alone and you must have it too.”Saying so, I gave the bar of cadbury to him and he broke it into two pieces.The division of the chocolate bar was not equal.He had kept the larger piece with him and had given me the smaller one.

I-“What sorts of division is this?”

He- “Both the bars are divided half and half-“.

Me- “Both the bars are not divided half and half.You have got almost three-fourth of it and I have got nearly one-fourth.”

Before answering my question, he had started eating his part of the chocolate.

Me- “That day both of us were right.Both of us got two as the main quotient.”

He-“You got 2.833 while I got 2.1, so mine share of chocolate is large while yours is smaller.”

Me-“Fair.We will discuss mathematics some other day, as I need to go back to my class”.

He-“Do you know, why you got 2.833 while I got 2.1?”


He-“I got 2.1 because all sums are mine.Otherwise I can’t solve them and they would not be worth my time to solve them.”

I-“Roger that.What is your name?”.

He -“Percy.But you can call me Sir Percy.”

Me-“Goodbye, Sir Percy.We will meet again”.

Percy-“Bye” with his mouth full of chocolate .”

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