The princess loved a pauper.How did she meet and love him? SHE has seen him in her garden  nurturing her flowering plants.In his hands plants laugh and flowers blossom.Once the princess wanted to make a bouquet for her father,the king.SHE went to the garden herself and ask that gardener to pluck and give the flowers of her choice.Gardener’s eyes were,bigger,calm,starry and soft.He obeyed her order. The princess could not forget his eyes and the majesty in his look.While making the bouquet, mesmerised princess arranged the flowers thinking him and the bouquet became a golden creation to describe.It was placed in the court.The king and the courtiers appreciated it again and again .In the private the princess asked her father to tie her knot with the gardener.The king called for the gardener with much power and kingliness like how could he dare to make her daughter even think of marrying him! The gardener entered the court room.

Lo! The king was also speechless seeing his humble and pure and majestic personality.He came to reality and asked the gardener to marry her daughter.

The gardener with his folded hands replied that he is already married and had two kids. The most of his toil that he can give to the king was his skill and love to grow more garden .The sound echoed in the court room even puzzled the courtiers who were enjoying the fun of the situation. Moreover he had to spend his nights in the cowshed tendering the cows as the milk supply that the king enjoys was from his seven cows collected by the milk agent and the smell from the cow shed what about that? Could the princess be able to withstand it? The King forgot wife and the kids of the gardener, but without them the gardener was incomplete.

KING saw horror in her daughter’s eyes and asked the gardener to resume his work. God save the gardener,his wife,kids and cows.The  princess married another golden king of her father’s choice.


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