Window Seat of Any Flight.

Everyone prefers window seat. It only gives pleasure to look out of the window seat, when the flight is flying at such a distance from ground level, that you can see the green lands, buildings, people walking on streets, people driving bikes and cars. The pleasure of looking at such a thing is extreme, supreme and marvellous. But when the flight ascends to higher levels of the atmosphere, you only get Mr Sun shining brightly into your eyes. At one moment or the other you have to shut down the window.  It’s quite disturbing. But when you can see memorials and various architectures, that gives you extreme pleasure

In the economy, section if the two persons sitting beside you are not of your family, then they will look at you in a cross manner and with jealousy as you are on the window seat.

There is another downside of being the occupant of a window seat in a flight. To have food while sitting there is most cumbersome and troublesome. The person who sits in the aisle is the most happiest while he or she has his lunch.

Still prefer window sit, in train, bus, in car. After all everyone wants the premium view.


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