Poverty, What Does It Mean?

Poverty is such a term, whose effects can be felt by only those who have suffered from it.

But poverty is universal. Any person be him rich or poor suffers poverty.

Poverty is of two main types.

1st:- Monetary poverty.

        In this sort of poverty people can’t live their life in any way which is good socially. Mentally a person can be a king even when he/she has nothing. I had once seen a family of flower sellers, sitting on the road, with their child. They had nothing except a jute sheet on which they sat and made flowers and their small baby was sleeping peacefully. Such was their condition that they couldn’t clothe the baby properly. It looked they had some orders for flower garland, as there was a vigour in their work. The whole family was young and they looked extremely beautiful, peaceful and happy doing their work under the Sun. Luckily the spot they had selected to sit was under a tree shade.

I wanted to buy flowers from them, but the signal went green and the auto went ahead.

2nd. Other sorts of poverty.

                                              Even with a whole lot of dough you can’t buy love. Majority of the people are pinners and whiners for love. Most become crippled for it. Love is God’s boon on mankind. Those who miss it, are sore losers on Earth as nothing good can come out of their lives.

People crave for degrees, for Phds, for fame, for wives, for husbands, for this and for that. They crave it to their ultimate degree and become mad. After that only psychiatrists and rehab is their way of rehabilitation into the common world.

Be rich in your mind and don’t fall prey to bad things and be happy.


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