I had headache and it was tremendous. I told Ma-“Lets go outside and have some coffee.” We got dressed and went outside to have some coffee.

While entering the mall, the gush of cool wind from the air conditioner gave me a lot of relief. Fizzy air passed by.

As we entered the coffee shop, two ladies crossed us and a cool smell was floating in the air. It was a smell of a good/pleasant perfume. I felt relief and was cheered up.

Ma was continuously asking me –“Are you now feeling well?”

I replied-“I am feeling good Ma. Much better.”

We bought two coffees. But a bit of heavy headache kept on coming back.

Still, I was not feeling much well, so Ma bought me fried nuts. By having those nuts and by munching the fried nuts I got well.

We bought a few things.

At last we came to the perfume shop, Ma asked the salesman to show me and her the samples of the perfume.

The salesman sprayed the first perfume on the smelling stick and gave it to us.

I smelled it. Ma asked me-“Is this that one?” I said –“No.”

 The salesman showed us few more samples, all were smelling the same. They all smelled horrible. Enough for the salesman to bring out the can of coffee beans. He asked me to smell the coffee to give relief to my nostrils which were inflamed with strong and horrific smells of various branded perfumes. He even apologised to us saying-“Sorry, but we have to keep with the latest demands of the markets.”

A question aroused in my mind.”Are people nuts?” Buying perfumes which don’t give smell which is worthy being labelled a perfume?

Now please tell me, which perfume should I choose?

While coming out of the mall, the gush of air from the air conditioner gave me a lot of cool and good relief.

Phew! And Hew!


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