In Nature of Fatherhood.

This morning I saw a small baby boy in his father’s embrace. The father had held his son firmly and softly while the son had kept his head on his father’s shoulder like a good child. The child couldn’t have been more than three years old and seeing that sight, my heart became overjoyed and immediately I told Ma, that I had just seen a small baby in his father’s embrace.

There was nothing unique in it, yet it felt unique. It simply touched my heart. Often babies bring a smile to your face, but seeing the father and his baby boy in embrace, it was a cheerful, happy and blissful moment for me. The child was basking and glowing in his father’s love, just like God’s and mother’s love. A father’s love makes a child grow and it is same with mother’s love. Fathers often turn out to be strict and bit over bearing, but their hearts are softer than melted wax.

Its just time and situations. Mostly to keep the families running, fathers have to act in a way which may seem strict and harsh, but their inner core longs for their children and family.


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