So True!

So true, that the Sun shines.

So true, that life goes on.

So true, that babies laugh.

So true, that we all write.

So true, that wilting occurs.

So true, that destiny is a false cover over truth and it is false.

So true, that being puny but strong is good.

So true, that good is good and bad is bad.

So true, that we all fall asleep.

So true, that it is afternoon and Mr. Sun is doing hip-hop over my head.

So true, that birds can sing.

So true, that cuckoos coo.

So true, that we all talk.

So true,, that when sometimes teams lose, then they win.

So true, that God loves us.

So true, that we fail to recognize his love.

So true, that his love keeps us alive.

So true, that we are his child.

So true, we are our parent’s child/children too.

So true, that paradoxes are both witty and funny.

So true, that irony stands without being loony.

So true, that more than often, loony are better than sane.

So true, that a proclaimed sane person is truly insane.

So true, that to drive, we need a bike or car.

So true, that have a bike or car, we need real money.

So true, that to earn money we need to work hard.

So true, that to work hard, we need to have a job or business.

So true, that to go for a job or business, we need energy.

So true, that for having and getting energy, we need to have food.

So true, that for having food, we need to prepare it.

So true that to have delicious and nutritious food, it needs to be prepared by one’s mother.

So true, that football and table tennis are the best games in the world.

So true, that being a doctor is a great responsibility.

So true, that true sportsman spirit comes in accepting defeat rather than boasting about winning.

So true, that umpires are needed for umpiring.

So true, that referees can refer to correct.

So true, that we all need dictionaries.

So true, that dictionaries make our language understanding and our life better.

So true, that everyone’s Ma and Baba loves them the most, barring a few ones and for them God exists!

So true, that love is a sustainable energy. Cultivate it with love, honesty and truth and see its miracles.

So true, that love is God’s grace, without which the world would fall, but to keep the engines running, let love grow in manifolds.

The truth is the thing which envelopes ourselves. To seek and search it is divine but to stay with it is self.

Self and truth go hand in hand. Without truth, self becomes no self and truth without self becomes false.

When false becomes the truth, we need to remind ourselves about ourselves. When we will and when we can, then, nothing such as money, greed, ego, talks, aggrandizement and status shall matter.

Only truth and love shall exist! Be with your own true self as there is nothing truer than it.

As God’s love shines,

So we shine,

As truth persists,

We persist.

So true it is!


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