Busy, Very Busy.

Busy, because my friends aren’t picking up my calls.

Busy, because yesterday was my exam, yet I didn’t study.

Busy, for today is a beautiful day.

Busy, as Mr. Sun is shining very brightly.

Busy, as Ma is making cookies and warm sweet bread for me, herself, Baba and God.

Busy, for I have to go on a walk and my shoes are giving me tantrums.

Busy, as the sweets are less tastier than what they used to be.

Busy, because though I have studied in the past, I have to study again.

Busy, for cricket is my favourite game yet I have to watch kites flying.

Busy, because I have been singing a song which isn’t “ping pong pong”.

To be worthy, to be happy, to be fruitful, always remain busy, for its easy -to be lazy but very hard to be busy.

N.B. Can’t you see that I am busy?

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