Happy Birthday Ma.

Dearest and dearestestest Ma,

                                                     Wish you a very, very, very, very Happy Birthday. Wish you many, many Happy Returns of The Day.

God who loves all,

Loves you the most Ma,

I whom you love the most,

Loves you the most Ma,

I am always there for you,

In day and night,

In sky and land,

In everywhere, where God exists.

It’s God’s own love Ma which has made and created you Ma and Ma, I your son, loves you the most, most, most and most to the infinity and beyond infinity, where no one has reached and never will.

Be happy always. Be always smiling. Never feel alone, for I am your son.

Be very happy Ma, for it’s your birthday.

All of my friends in heaven are “wishing you a happy birthday” for it’s their birthday too as it is yours.

They have sent their love, blessings and light.

On this birthday, be very very happy, be very smiling and very cheerful.

It’s you Ma who has made me stand. It’s you Ma who has kept me warm.

For had it not been you, I wouldn’t have grown up to be whatever I am.

It’s all smiles and cheers for it’s my mother’s birthday. Let the day go on till infinity. Let it never end, it’s my mother’s birthday and she is everything and God for me.

The party in Heaven has already began and the Head bosses there are already eating cakes and dancing to soft tunes, for they too are tired of all the constant nonsense on Earth and need a good birthday party to rest.

For you Ma, me and Baba and your parents are always there for you.

Wish you a very Happy Birthday, play any game you like and be smiling and happy, for it’s my birthday with yours.

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni Sa.


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