We all are ignorant.

I am blissfully ignorant.

Ignorant of everything.

Ignorant of the stars, the moon, the universe and all of its paraphernalia.

Ignorant of one’s foolishness.

Definitely ignorant of the share market.

Completely ignorant of the beautiful dresses which hang as a bait for buyers in shopping malls, complexes and places.

Ignorant of the changing policies.

Ignorant of the falling and rising prices of the crude oil; vis a vis of dollar.

Ignorant of the complexity of the taxes.

Ignorant of the circus being shown next to my home.

Fully ignorant of a good movie being played at a nearby multiplex.


We all are ignorant of the rest we need,

We all are ignorant of the sleep we need to have.

Ignorant of the fact that food needs to be had on time.

Ignorant of the fact that sometimes we all get lost in the muddle of the world.

Ignorant that its home we all need and not money.

Ignorant of the studies that we all need to do and not to run after degrees.

Look at the old man in the picture. According to me he is the happiest man in the whole world.

When one sleeps peacefully, then he or she sleeps at a level which is beyond the beyond.

My maternal grandfather was such a man.

On the other hand,

I am not ignorant of God’s love.

Had I not been aware of his love,

Then how could I have perceived it?

I am not ignorant of God’s divinity.

Had he been not divine,

Then how would a rose blossom?

Or how could the birds sing?

Even more, how could a parrot talk nearly as fluent as a human?

I am not ignorant of God’s mercy.

Had he been not merciful,

Then each and everyone would have languished and there would have been more and more calamities. Failures in one’s abilities to reach him would be galore. Despite his mercy, most simply touch the surface and come back. Very few are the ones who reach the core.

I am not ignorant of Ma’s love,

She loves me the most.

I am not ignorant of Baba’s love,

He loves me the most.

I am very much not ignorant of the beautiful food that Ma makes for me.

For I have grown stronger and stronger and healthier eating her hand made food and these are all happy memories and still she makes beautiful and wonderful food for me and will continue to do so.

I am not ignorant of Baba’s hardwork, otherwise he would have been able to spend more time with me and ma, instead of giving his sweat, rigorous hardwork and much time to simply earn money.

I am not ignorant of anything which requires hardwork, sincerity and dedication.

Its those complex things such as the bubbling hot air inside one’s hot and humid brain which functions to earn money and to deteriorate one’s own self; that I am ignorant of. Otherwise all’s good.

Ignorance is bliss and bliss is ignorance. Let them be in balance, otherwise both may cut out each other.

We are what we are. It is GOD, the biggest one, who keeps everything moving. Had he been not there, we all would have been playing a lopsided game of football.


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  1. I love your post.It is too excellent to learn from you.My words can not enough complement it.My song baba I love you.God bless you always.My son,I love you .

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