Being precise is an art in disguise. We all need to be precise and having the ability to be precise often keeps our lives in check.

Precision is a finer form of art which simply needs to be honed.

Precision in taking a wicket is a bowler’s foremost wish.

Mathematical precision while doing geometry often gives best results.

Precision while painting a picture brings out the best in a artist.

Precision in doing zoology practicals is a very important requirement for both the students and as well as for the subject itself.

Precision in surgery, saves lives and reduces the recuperating time of a patient also.

But there is a down side to be precise. Too much of it, is a down right path to one’s fall in everything. Sometimes it does good to be less precise.

For example:- When a mother cooks for her children, she cooks it with love, determination and will.  If she tries to be more precise, then the dish turns out to be a professional dish than a mother’s home made food.


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