A Thought & A Flower.

A thought came to my mind that I should buy a beautiful flower for Ma. Day and night, Ma works very hard to keep me running and at the end of the day, she gets only a few hours rest.

A yellow rose or a white rose it would be. Red roses too are a good choice.

So, one day, I asked the flower man to bring me three roses. One yellow, one white and one red.

(There is a flower man who often delivers flowers around here.)

The next day morning, he brought those three roses and with them he gave me a pink rose for free.

I thanked him and then I wondered if it would have been better to buy a bouquet for Ma, but bouquets require flower selection to be done personally, so I avoided that idea for the moment.

Then, I ordered for a small plum cake and went it came, I gave those flowers and the plum cake to Ma, by saying-“Surprise!”.

Ma was more than overjoyed. She held those roses for a long time and ate little of that cake and gave me a big hug and big kiss too.

Ma arranged those flowers in a vase and in the evening when “Christmas Carol” song was being shown on T.V., we sang along with it and had some more of that cake and kept the rest of it for Baba.

Sometimes a thought, which is plain and simple and beautiful, majestically does wonders.

Whereas a nice and beautiful flower signifies happiness, prosperity and luck. So does a thought. It simply has to be good with the design to be better or to be the best and if possible to be the best of the best of the best.

N.B.-Too many bests. But there is no harm in trying. All’s well that end well.


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