A seedless plant.

In a patch of completely barren land near our house, a green plant grew up steadily without any water or fertilizer. It had survived on the nutritious rays of Sunlight.

A few days later a mali (gardener) came for doing a bit of gardening for us and upon hearing about the seedless plant , he took a look at the plant and told us that such a plant can’t survive without water. Hearing him say that we were bit surprised as nobody wasn’t watering it.

Nearly ten days had gone by and nobody had bothered about it. One day I had woke up at about four am in the morning when I saw a small boy of about eight years age was watering it and afterwards he was playing with a ball around the tree.

I thought that he must be the one who was watering the plant everybody.

Later on I met him in my building, playing in our compound. He had come for tuitions in our building but that day with God’s blessings the teacher had developed flu, so he was playing.

I spoke to him about the plant,he replied that he had seen an old man plant it early one morning and ever since that day he would water the plant. I was surprised hearing this as nobody would generally worry about anything as insignificant as a small plant, but he was a small boy and the plant was source of fun, play and fascination for him.

From that day, whenever I would get up early I could see that boy either watering the plant or playing with a ball near the plant and that plant kept on growing.

He had told me-“That plant is lucky for me.”

I thought that it was a seedless plant but it turned out that it wasn’t but that plant was indeed lucky for the little boy.



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