Mild Afternoon.

Mild Afternoons are like autumn flowers which are soft, flowery and still yet breezy. Going for a walk on an uphill road in such an afternoon is a pleasant experience. These are the afternoons where sleep doesn’t suit one’s body, where laziness doesn’t seem calling and when tea and coffee can’t do justice to any mood.

Flowers in their trees swing with the afternoon air and play with the afternoon breeze and aren’t bothered by anything.

At such times, kids go out in the grounds to play with their toys while big children play games such as cricket, badminton and football.

Poems and feelings are better expressed and written when the nature is itself in a poetic mood.

high rise buildings during golden hour

With dusk going to settle at the horizon, afternoon seems to retire to a place from where it would be visible only tomorrow and like all citizens of this earth, it too takes a break.

Whenever you find such an afternoon happening, go for a brisk walk and see the wonders which it does for your health and with that have a lollipop or a stick ice cream.



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