Laddoos and a Motorbike.

Laddoos are a very famous and savoury food item for Indians and made by Indians. They are round in shape and are sweet to eat.Nowadays they cost a huge amount to buy, still they are in demand. My friend Kutty had bought half a kilo of laddoos, but was astonished to see the bill.He insisted the shopkeeper to reduce the amount on the basis that the laddoos were very costly and he was their semi regular customer. The shopkeeper upon hearing his plea reduced the quantity of laddoos and the cost henceforth reduced by nearly a hundred rupees. Kutty has decided not to buy anymore laddoos from that shopkeeper ever again. Instead he would save the money for a motorbike and only on Diwali would he partake of sweets.

Two days later his sister’s in laws were coming so, unwillingly he had to buy laddoos, samosas and other savoury items of thousand rupees and when he complained about this to his mother, she replied-“you don’t eat sweets but others do.”

His plan to buy a motorbike got pushed back by a month, but on Diwali his father gave four thousand rupees as gift, so his pushed back got a lucky forward push.


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