Freshly Made Cookies.

To be honest, ma makes the best cookies. Be it caramel, pineapple or anything else.

Well we had gone out and ma bought for me freshly made cookies. The cookie man was making them in a big machine right infront of us and then and there he packed those cookies in a tin box.To quest our thirst for cookies he served us a plateful of cookies. But as it was getting late I took the cookies and kept them in my pant and shirt pockets and while coming back home we had most of them very relishingly in the autorickshaw. After reaching home, I found two cookies broken in two in my pant pocket and one cookie intact in my shirt pocket.

Fresh and hot cookies are seldom had by people. Majority of the people have medium and lukewarm cookies. My maternal grandfather used to buy food items which were made and packed then and there so that the freshness and quality of the food remains intact and can’t be polluted by insects or flies.

It is a marvel to have hot cookies. Hope you too had tasted fresh and hot cookies.


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