A Rubber Ball.

rubber ball

Rubber balls have been existent ever since I started going to school. They were very cheap, easily available and they would easily get torn. Once torn they would be of no use.

Once upon a time, when cricket used to be the only sport that I would follow day and night. A new type of rubber ball at the same price was introduced in the market and Ma had bought two such balls for me. There was a seam marking over the ball.

I was over the moon and had gone over the blue one twice in my happiness. Now a season ball used to be my dream. But they were not easily available, costly and were considered dangerous, for one could easily get injured by one such ball.

So, those two rubber balls were my season balls and I would spin them in my hand as I was spinning a season ball. You can’t believe my happiness at being able to do so. Over the next few months there was nothing but wicket taking and excellent catches equivalent to superb catches being taken at international level were frequently being taken by me.

Such a simple thing as a rubber could give me so much happiness was unknown, unbelievable and unimaginable to me,but I did once or twice practice with a season ball, but they were hardly fun. Instead they are a level and matter altogether different.

Childhood is such a paradise that its scopes are unlimited. At one moment you are in a fairyland and in the next you are in the dream world. Who knows and knew?

A rubber ball was my as dearest friend as anybody who ever had have been my friend.

Days pass by like sand running out of one’s closed fist, but time immemorial stays guard for all.


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