Pruned Peanuts.

Once, ma, me and baba were walking down a busy street when we saw that in a shop window that packetsof pruned peanuts were kept. Now, I didn’t know that any such thing as pruned peanuts exist. They had a basket full of such pruned peanuts right outside their shop and you could buy one such basket for seven hundred rupees.

The store man told us that the peanuts were sort of trimmed to perfection (in machines), so they were called “pruned peanuts.”

A big packet of ten packets of such peanuts costed about Rs. One hundred and seventy five.

Ma and baba bought me one such packet.

The pruned peanuts were very tasty. But one thing that was not mentioned on the packet was that half of the peanuts were spicy and half were caramelised.

When you bought the big pack of peanuts, you would get one small packet of original prunes absolutely free. In the big packet which I had bought, a small packet of prune was there.

When we next time visited the shop, I asked the shopkeeper about it. He simply shrugged his shoulders and told us that he was ignorant about any packet of prunes being given for free.

I felt very cheerful about the peanuts and pruned or not, peanuts are after all peanuts.

Later on we had learnt that those peanuts were locally made in a factory and the name “pruned peanuts” was kept as a brand name.






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