Running a Mile without shoes.

A man aged about forty five to fifty years of age would run for a mile everyday. His run would begin at six thirty am and the place from where he would start his daily routine was a desolate place.

So, every morning when I would be buying “so called fresh” vegetables from the vegetable vendor, exactly at the same moment he used to cross that vegetable vendor’s shop.

Now, a few days back, as I was buying the veggies, I saw him running barefooted, and on seeing my expression, the vegetable vendor told me-“He is our boss.He own this shop and is running barefooted because his doctor had advised him to run without shoes, so that his leg muscles become stronger. He wants to run in a marathon.

After a few days I went to buy a few vegetables, when the vegetable vendor on his own, told me that his boss’s leg had developed big red sores as he had run for a mile without shoes on a dusty hilly road and now was sitting inside the shop and managing the cash counter. When I went to pay the bill, indeed it was the man who used to go for a run every morning. Had this incident not happened, then I would have not known that he was the owner of the vegetable store. Turned out he was a big shot graduate from some big foreign university, but couldn’t make head or tail out of it. At the end he followed his father’s profession and opened a big grocery store with a small vegetable shops. He was planning to open more and more stores now; but that plan has been kept on hold till his legs get better.

Happy Running. Who knows? Maybe running a mile or some barefooted might result into something else other than losing weight.


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