The Singing Bird In the Morning Light.

This morning I woke up to a beautiful tune being sung by a small bird. It was as small as a sparrow, but its wings were yellowish brown and they had a golden tinge. The morning sun, which was now spreading its light, made the bird happier and perching on a lamppost, it started singing more and more happily and the tune was so melodious, it felt as if someone was playing a flute early.

photo of ripe mangoes

The bird kept singing till it flew to a nearby mango tree and sat on a branch and kept on nibbling a mango. I waited for more than ten minutes for it to sing another tune, but I think that it went to sleep after having those delicious mangoes.

adult architecture dome facial expression

From now on I would definitely keep a lookout for the bird early in the morning.

I felt as if that particular bird was blessed by Lord Krishna Himself, as such music cannot be produced without his grace. The beauty of the tune cannot be explained by words.



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