A Visit To A Water Melon Farm.

Water melon farms are huge. Spread over a vast area of land and there only water melons are available. While walking around the field you feel the fruit growing and when it gets ready, I think the farmers must have a hard time collecting them, as each piece of water melon weighs as heavy as a ten kilogram dumbbell. At the most you can carry two heavy weight watermelons together in your hands.

A big watermelon farm had been recently built and after a few months of its inauguration, word spread out that the farm was excellent and the melons were ripe now, so it was a beautiful place to visit and the experience and knowledge it provided was something which you couldn’t learn by watching a video.

After a week went by, we decided to visit that farm and at ten o’clock in the morning, we reached the farm and from the main gate the main farming area was located nearly two hundred meters inside and as we reached the original farm the view was stunning. The water melons had grown in large sizes and the scene looked gloriously beautiful. We spent an hour and a half there and soon as it was time for lunch, we left the farm with good memories and happily went back home.


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