Out of the ordinary is extraordinary. Anything which is out of sync with all but touches everyone’s heart is extraordinary.  An extraordinary writing is something which is cherished by all.Such a writing when it touches everyone’s heart, it resonates within and that gets embedded inside one’s mind, soul and heart.

white and gray dolphin on blue water

Extraordinary is something which is rare, better than best and gives relief to the inner self. Dolphins are extraordinary animals. Watching them play, do loop jumps in water is a highly honourable privilege. Talking parrots are another wonder of this creation. If you say “good morning” to a parrot and it says “good morning” back to you then, it is truly extraordinary.

When Ma makes a dish which removes all your troubles and gives relief to your taste buds, self, soul and whatever you may call your own being then, it is more than extraordinary.

Whence, the sun shines directly inside your drawing room, then it is extraordinary.

When the sun shines,

It is extraordinary,

When the dew drops form,

It is extraordinary,

When a baby is born,

It is extraordinary,

When you solve differentiation and calculus,

It is highly extraordinary,

When you pay your taxes,

It is extraordinary,

When you can make someone smile,

It is extraordinary,

When you find your true love,

It is unexceptionally extraordinary,

When birds sing,

It is extraordinary,

When you get 100/100 in mathematics,

It is sufficiently extraordinary,

When a doctor heals,

It is extraordinary,

When a bowler genuinely takes a wicket,

It is extraordinary,

When a footballer scores a superb goal,

It is simply extraordinary,

When a batsman scores a nicely played century,

It is extraordinary,

When your friend remains loyal,

It is extraordinary,

When you drink and eat mango juice with vanilla ice cream,

It is extraordinary,

But when above all ma and baba love you,

It is the only thing which is ordinary.


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