An Explanation Of Forgetfullness.

Forgetfulness is a natural occurring which simply keeps on appearing here and there, every now and then. It has mainly three types.

1St Natural

2nd Unnatural

3rd Deliberate

1st NATURAL FORGETFULNESS-It is a gift from God for the things that you don’t want to remember are removed from permanent remembrance of your mind. For example- In one of your exams, you score 60/100 in mathematics, then you surely don’t want it on the harp playing in your mind.Otherwise, you will never be able to concentrate.

2nd UNNATURAL FORGETFULNESS– These are again divided into two types.

1.Suppose, you have an important examination tomorrow and you go home and sleep over the preparations for the exams and the next day you write a blank exam paper. The net result would be, that with God’s grace you would get a big and nice zero on your exam paper and in the next parents-teacher meeting, you are bound to be roasted as nicely as a peanut on a sizzle fry,unless and until a miracle takes place.

Another example- You need to go Sydney.Instead of buying a ticket to Sydney, you buy a ticket for Melbourne. To get the tickets corrected you would have to the rush to the ticket counter in hope that you get the required ticket to Sydney.

2.Diseases like alzheimers and dementia or any other mental illness, often cause people to forget about things.

3rd DELIBERATE FORGETFULNESS– People who deliberately forget about something, have their in- built screws loose. For example-Such types of people promise that they will buy a packet of chocolate for somebody and then they do buy a packet of chocolate for that person, but later on instead of giving that chocolate to that person, they themselves munch upon it. It is as if their minds have left them a long time ago.

Promises made by them, are as loose as a kite’s string which is completely free.

Forgetfulness is a phenomenon which takes place again and again all over the world and universe. Sometimes metaphor becomes irony and irony becomes metaphor. It is better to be a natural or unnatural forgetter than a deliberate one.

When grandfathers forget their spectacles and turn the household upside down, while the pair of spectacles is patiently waiting to be found on their heads or in their pockets. Those are the times when forgetfulness comes into full fledged display.



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